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Hi, I'm Victoria.

A strategic and hands-on Product & UX Leader with a deep knowledge of Research, Design and Product Management.


I am a Berlin based Product and UX leader with over 12 years of experience in the fields of Design, Research and Product Management and 11 years of experience as a leader.

Driven by my curiosity, my passion and a deep empathy for people, I flourish in observing and understanding the world around us, while crafting experiences that last and matter.

I excel in motivating, leading and inspiring cross-functional teams to create memorable experiences and in creating environments where people can learn, grow and excel - personally & professionally. 

I love challenging the status quo and encouraging change and innovation on all levels.

Currently I am working as executive Product + Experience Leader at Blinkist, feeding curious minds with powerful ideas.


Leadership | Product + Experience at Blinkist
since 2022


​VP Product at TIER Mobility
2020 - 2021

Dir. Customer Journey at TIER Mobility

2019 - 2020

VP CX & Customer Journey at Movinga

2019 - 2019

Head of UX & Design at ebay (

2018 - 2019

Head of UX at MotorTalk (

2018 - 2019 

UX Lead at ebay (

2016 - 2018 

UX Lead at MotorTalk (

2017 - 2018 

Sr. UX Designer + Researcher at ebay ( 

2014 - 2016 

Head of UX at Bigpoint 

2012 - 2014

UX Lead at Bigpoint 

2011 - 2012 

UX Designer & Researcher at Bigpoint

2010 - 2011

Research Scientist at University of Bremen

2009 - 2009

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